"As people, we're constantly changing. From when we're infants, to young children, to teenagers, to full grown adults, a lot of things change about us and our lives. But some things that do not change are the ways that our minds work.

Linda learned that in an interesting way - chasing her three kids around the house. At ages 4, 6, and 7, let's just say that things can get a little chaotic. She was a little more tired than usual one day when conversing with Teresa, her childhood friend. Linda talked about needing a way to get her children to sit down and stay still, but she didn't have any ideas left. Television, phone games, toys - been there, tried that. That's when Teresa had an idea.

Teresa had remembered seeing some coloring books in the bookstore on the way home from work the other day, and recalled that they were titled "adult". Stuff like South Park, intricate mandalas, and Where's Waldo designs filled pages, and that got her thinking: are there really adults who still color, and why? Looks like it was time to find out.

Soon after, Teresa and Linda had both found a way to get Linda's children to stay still, but also give themselves a little R&R to boot. Coloring is therapeutic, promoting mindfulness and loosens muscle stiffness as you relax with a simple, repetitive activity. Thus they created Adults Can Color, a place to share the knowledge and help more people achieve the realization that helped them so much. Give it a shot!"


Linda And Teresa