Best Coloring Tools For Coloring Books

When it comes to adult coloring, even as a recreational activity, the tools you used as a kid probably won't cut it any longer. To do more detailed work or if you want to color in some small shapes, you want to skip past the crayons and avoid those colored, often cheaply-made, pencils. Working with the wrong tools can turn this fun, peaceful experience into a frustrating one. In this post, we’ll share a list of five coloring tools that you want to get your hands on.

If you want to take your coloring to the next level, you need to invest in some pens and markers. These are perfect for students, artists, kids and can be a nice addition to your coloring options, whether you're a beginner or a professional. But how do you know what set to buy? Well, pens and markers are notorious for being difficult to rely on, and they lack the versatility that colored pencils bring.

1TANMIT's 36 Colors Dual Brush Pens

The appeal of the TANMIT's 36-marker pack is the two options on each side. The brush comes with a flexible and durable nylon fiber brush tip, which creates bold and medium strokes by changing the pressure on the brush. It works like a paintbrush to create bold, medium, or fine strokes, which are ideal for lettering.

On the other end of the dual brush pen is a fine tip, which allows for consistent thin lines. The fine tip is strong and is not mashable, making it perfect for adding colorful details and journaling. Furthermore, the ink is non-toxic, acid-free, odorless, blendable, and non-bleeding. This water-based, top-quality ink allows the user to work with other water-soluble materials without blending, freeing you from any smudge and smear because it dries rather quickly.

2Caliart's 18 Fine Line Drawing Pens

The fine line drawing pen is ideal for coloring books, bullet journal, diary, planner, note-taking, painting, calendar, sketching, writing, manga, signing, design, graphic, fine ink drawings, illustrations, and coloring small intricate patterns. They’re best used alongside your markers, colored pencils, brush pens, and glitter pens. The Caliart's 18 Fine Line Drawing Pens package comes with 18 fineliner colored pens packed inside a soft, transparent storage case, which also includes a colorful paper card.

The set has no duplicate colors. With dry-safe, water-based, acid-free, minimal bleed through, non-toxic ink, the fiber-tipped pens create fine lines as well as intense water-based colors. It’s also lightweight, and it is easy to carry along or store in a drawer, backpack, or shelf.

3Prismacolor's Premier Colored Pencils

The colored pencils available for use on adult coloring books come in a wide range of quality. Sure, you can go ahead and pick a random set of pencils that can let you slap some color right on your page. But if you intend to blend, shade, layer, and more, you need to get tools that are built with these techniques in mind. For unparalleled quality at a price that won’t break your bank, Prismacolor is one of the brands that’s hard to beat. For those with more room in their budget and want to purchase one of their larger packs, you’ll generally save money the more you spend.

Coloring with these pencils lets you apply just enough pressure as if you were writing; the color will come out rich and beautiful, and overall, it's as close as it gets to the pencil's color. The Prismacolor's pencils come with vibrant colors, and the lead is much nicer when layering them down on paper in comparison with other brands. There's a huge difference in terms of quality. For a child or student, these pencils are quite expensive, but they bring incredible value, making them decent, valuable tools for an adult pursuing a hobby. With Prismacolor, you get what you pay for.

4ColorIt's Colored Pencil Set of 48

If you’re looking for a travel-friendly yet robust set of affordable colored pencils to get started with, ColorIT's Colored 48-Pencil Set is a great option. Anyone will appreciate its smooth, nice finish and the 48-pencil option. While some pencils tend to flake, the ColorIt's coloring pencils offer the perfect amount of softness for a brilliant masterpiece. If a harder pencil is chosen, colorists won't get the same smoothness and vibrant colors in their finished product. These make these pencils quite versatile for different activities and are suitable for both coloring enthusiasts and professional artists.

The colored pencils' cores are wax-based, which gives it a smooth, creamy texture that makes coloring a great pleasure for both the beginner and professional artists alike. Each of the pencils is imprinted with its respective color name, with a color-coded and color-dipped end that makes it easy to identify the color. Moreover, each of the pencils come pre-sharpened so that you can use them immediately.

5US Art Supply's 50-Piece Coloring Set

The 50-piece US Art Supply's Colored Pencil Set comes with a full rainbow of 50 eye-catching colors. The pencils are of premium quality and have incredibly bold and vibrant colors with pre-sharpened tips. Moreover, they give out a super smooth, coloring feel every time, which makes them perfect for the young, aspiring artists as well as the experienced art professionals.

With these pencils, you can let your wild imagination run wild since they are all ideal for coloring, drawing, sketching, crafting, scrapbooking, doodling, filling your adult coloring books, or just about anything else where you can showcase your creative side and produce stunning art. For the adult beginners who are just getting started with adult coloring, these pencils are perfect for you because they have a broad range of colors for your art, and they come at a reasonable price point. With them, you no longer have to reach for a color to blend that isn't available.

Using the wrong tools for your coloring session can be a frustrating and sour experience. It can even ruin your entire artwork. Of course, you don't want to be constantly frustrated by having to run out and replace colored pencils with tips that shatter in the worst possible moments when, in the first place, you were supposed to be focused on unwinding.

Chances are that, instead of going out, you might be compelled to store your coloring book and coloring materials away. And they'll end up in a corner, collecting dust. On the other hand, when you have the right tools that suit both you and your budget, you'll be able to stay relaxed, knowing that you made the right choice, and you can focus on adding a splash of color to your life.

Teresa Brown

Teresa Brown is a resident of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and works in public services. Dealing with people all day can be tiring, but through an unexpected hobby - coloring - Teresa has found an easy way to relax.