Basic Questions About Adult Coloring

Adult coloring is a trend that's on the rise, and many people don't seem to understand the reasons behind it. The failure to understand how it works could result in the perception that it is an all-kids' activity. In this piece, however, we will answer some questions regarding adult coloring and how you could benefit from the activity.

In this piece, you will get responses to questions like, "Why do adults color?" and "How does this activity reduce stress?" You will also gain some insight into the research supporting the importance of adult coloring as an art, activity, and how it can provide healing in different ways. After we have responded to all your questions, you will have the information required to decide whether adult coloring is an activity that you would embrace.

1Are There Studies About Adult Coloring?

Research into the importance of adult coloring is particularly limited since this practice has come into the limelight a few years ago. For many years, however, art therapy has been used with great success. In the year 2006, a study revealed that mindfulness art therapy that was done on women who have cancer aided in significantly reducing the symptoms of emotional and physical distress in the course of treatment. Art therapy has also been found to be good for individuals coping with conditions like trauma, addictions, depression, and anxiety.

Adult coloring offers a creative venture where no artistic flair is required. All you need to do is color within the specific lines and earn the desired effect. But a few experts suggest that the lack of creative inputs from most patients prevents adult coloring from being viewed as a type of art therapy.

2Is Adult Coloring For Everyone?

Not everyone will enjoy adult coloring, and neither does it offer relaxation to all those who do it. It often depends on the person and his/her past experiences. If you enjoyed coloring more as a kid, the chances are that you will have a positive response to it as an adult. Many adults have been found to go for various activities they enjoyed as kids for adult recreation.

Art therapy mostly entails the use of an art medium as a tool to aid in addressing a person's specific problem, but as you witnessed from your high school art lessons, some students seemed naturally artistically gifted. People who perceive themselves as poor artists could easily miss out on the merits of art-based therapies; therefore, it often comes out that adult coloring is not necessarily art therapy since it doesn't have the artistic flair. It could be compared to the difference between listening to songs and acquiring skills to play an instrument. We can all listen to music, but playing a musical instrument requires an entire set of skills. Adult coloring could be compared to listening to your favorite music.

3Why Has Adult Coloring Become A Trend?

Coloring was previously reserved for kids, and adults would babysit them as they did that. However, the changing times have resulted in a new demographic. What began as a kid's hobby is now an international trend since adult coloring books are now making their way onto the top of the bestsellers list across the globe. Although this trend could be an exciting way to spend time, it is the therapeutic properties of these books that have them flying off the shelves.

Adult coloring needs modest attention, which is focused beyond self-awareness. This is a simple activity that will make you explore outside of yourself. In the same way that mowing a lawn, knitting, or going for a hike can loosen you up, it could be relaxing.

4How Does Adult Coloring Reduce Stress?

Although adult coloring alone might not encompass art therapy, it doesn't imply that the activity is not helpful. Coloring triggers a relaxing mindset that is similar to what one would achieve after meditation. Similar to meditation, coloring locks out your mind from other thoughts, letting you focus on the current moment. Tasks that have predictable results, like knitting or coloring, could have calming effects. Changes in brainwaves and heart rate would follow.

Another explanation for the therapeutic effect of adult coloring is that focusing on painting an image could help replace negative visions and thoughts with more pleasant ones. You need to pay attention to the size and shape, look at the edges, and choose a color. Coloring should also take up the sections of your brain, which will stop anxiety-related imagery from occurring as well. Anything that aids in controlling your attention could help a lot.

5What Are The Benefits Of Adult Coloring?

Simple activities like coloring could take your attention from thinking about yourself and onto the current event. This way, coloring acts as a meditative exercise. When your thoughts are inclined to a simple activity, the brain relaxes. You will less likely be disturbed by your appraisals and thoughts. All the difficulties of life disappear from your current awareness, and your brain and body could find it rewarding.

The idea that the output of coloring could be predicted could also be relaxing. You are less likely to screw up coloring, and when you do it, there isn't any real consequence. This makes adult coloring a wonderful undertaking instead of an arduous test of your current capacity.

Having questions about adult coloring is natural. Many people don't seem to understand the power of art therapy, and there's ongoing research to support adult coloring as a good way to relax or the reason why it has grown in popularity. Failure to understand these aspects causes you to miss out on the greatest yet straightforward merits you could accrue from adult coloring.

This piece just provided answers to questions that will often be raised concerning adult coloring. These are questions you were probably curious about as well. Now that you have some insight, you should understand adult coloring better and recognize what it could do for you just as it has done for many others.

Linda Shanklin

Linda Shanklin is a resident of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and is a proud mother of three. A trio of young children running around can cause havoc, but Linda found that coloring books are good at keeping them focused. She found that it works for adults, too!