Truths About Adult Coloring

Have you been wondering why more and more adults are showing interest in coloring – an activity previously presumed to be a kid's activity? If you have, then here is a brief introduction; knowing the basics behind adult coloring should help you understand this well. To some, coloring isn’t a hobby they would consider, let alone pick up. Nonetheless, the benefits of adult coloring will surprise you. We will discuss a few details about adult coloring, what its benefits are, and how to get started.

It is worth noting that coloring does help relieve stress, improve mental health, and even promote sleep. Numerous studies suggest that adult coloring stimulates some of the vital parts of the brain and that almost anyone can participate in it. According to research, adult coloring engages the human mind positively, thus helping one handle stress and anxiety much better.

1Getting Started Is Easy

One website suggests that adults should skip crayons and go straight to using colored pencils when coloring. This is because colored pencils offer the precision needed to bring out the best piece and also enable one to tune in well. You can also use the guides made by famous crayon makers to learn ways in which you can use your tools to add highlights and lowlights, for shading, as well as for blending colors to your newfound masterpieces.

A famous crayon maker launched a new set of coloring tools to help make the experience fun and enjoyable. These include a collection of adult coloring books, colored pencils, and a set of markers. The first successful adult coloring books were first introduced commercially in 2012. This one-niche hobby gained attention, with many adults taking on the hobby. The editors of the Yoga Journal and researchers at Johns Hopkins University recommend coloring as the perfect alternative for meditation.

2Coloring Improves Creativity

Research conducted at the University of the West of England showed that adult coloring does indeed help improve creativity in adults as well as fight stress. The study involved a group of 47 1st-year undergraduates who agreed to take part in coloring and reading sessions. They were subjected to psychological tests at the start of each session and after each activity.

The participants were allowed to decide whether to start with coloring or reading. The reading exercise comprised of study skill chapters, while the coloring group was tasked with mandala coloring. From the two groups, the researchers were able to determine that mandala coloring helped the participants to be more contented, energetic, and relaxed when the exercise was over; the same cannot, however, be said for those that took reading first. The coloring group were more mindful (being attentive to everything at that moment) and were more "in the zone." This didn’t change even after they took the reading exercise.

3Coloring Is Convenient

To many, the simple yet creative outlet provided by these adult coloring books could be the reason they are a success. This is unlike most craft projects that demand more from you. Adult coloring books are easy to carry, are affordable, and enable one to have the ideal artistry freedom whenever and whatever way he or she wants.

In addition to this, coloring offers a balance of structure and freedom. This comes particularly in handy for individuals that spend most of their time on their feet, meaning exercise won't be as thrilling as coloring. Adult coloring provides the perfect alternative to unwind after a long day and as a form of stress relief.

4Coloring Reduces Stress And Anxiety

According to coloring enthusiasts, coloring makes one feel happier, more relaxed, calmer, and have mental clarity. "Colorists," as they call themselves, attest to feeling their troubles and worries fade away as they concentrate on the masterpiece at hand. One way to explain this is the fact that art and craft hobbies tend to shift one's focus on the piece he/she is working on, thus helping them forget their worries.

It works in an almost similar manner as meditation. A study on knitters also revealed that 80% of active knitters handle depression very well and are happier when knitting. Although coloring was initially seen as a child's activity, book publishers have been able to change the mentality by marketing adult coloring as an acceptable activity.

5Coloring Boosts Mental Health

Art therapy helps one explore his/her feelings when creating and making the artwork. This helps one to be self-aware, manage addictions and other behaviors, develop social skills, reconcile emotional conflicts, reduce anxiety, improve orientation, as well as increase his/her self-esteem; this is according to the American Art Therapy Association. Coloring on its own, however, doesn’t qualify to be termed as therapy. This is because it needs to be connected with both the therapist and the client. Coloring therapy, however, begun officially in the mid-90s and has been accepted ever since.

Coloring isn’t just for kids alone. It is one of the most socially acceptable activities for adults. Coloring provides an entertaining way to break free from electronic devices and relieve stress. It would help if you, too, considered taking this as your newly found hobby. Doing this will help you sleep better, fight stress more efficiently, and also enjoy improved mental health.

Although not much research has been put into discovering other benefits of coloring to the mind, studies show that coloring does have an impact on how one handles depression, anxiety, stress, and post-traumatic stress disorder. Coloring mandalas, for example, help reduce stress and anxiety more effectively. These are but a few of the many benefits of adult coloring that you will come across once you have made up your mind to start coloring. From the facts outlined above, it is evident that coloring is not just a child's activity but is highly beneficial to adults as well.

Teresa Brown

Teresa Brown is a residnt of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and works in public services. Dealing with people all day can be tiring, but through an unexpected hobby - coloring - Teresa has found an easy way to relax.