7 Helpful Pointers On Adult Coloring

Many of us remember coloring from when we were young. Some of these memories make you want to join the adult coloring circle – this could be because you loved coloring or need something to distract you from the daily stresses of life. This article outlines useful tips that should help you get started right away. It will help you learn all about coloring for adults, where to start, coloring techniques, and much more.

1Coloring Pages And Books

The first step in adult coloring is finding coloring pages to start with. There are plenty of both free and paid coloring pages you can find in stores and online as well; for instance, bookstores have a wide variety of coloring pages to choose from. There's also a whole world of amazing adult coloring books sold online. The wide selection makes it possible for all to find something they would be interested in — these range from detailed designs, geometric patterns, and cityscapes to hipster designs. You can't go wrong with the wide selection at your disposal.

2Invest In Coloring Materials

Coloring pencils are good to have, which is why you need to invest in the best you can find. Be sure to test several different pencils and pens before deciding on the best one. Most people choose to invest in more than five different brands of coloring pencils and for a good reason. Some of these become too hard for you to produce the desired color vibrancy on paper.

3Mix Your Materials

You will need several mixing materials to be able to produce the desired effect. Watercolors are often a preferred choice for many people. Some use pastels or a thin wash of watercolor to create the perfect background for their piece. Once done with the background color, you can then start filling up other details on top using coloring pens and pencils. Don’t stick to just one material unless you want to - mix several of these for the best experience.

4Add Some Texture

Take time to think about each aspect of the page first before starting. Some people prefer working in large areas where they'll color the entire section with every detail drawn. Others will work on every tiny aspect, which makes it possible to bring out the color and texture underneath.

5Consider Using Neutral Colors

Choose a neutral palette when working with paint, marker, or a coloring pencil. Think of this as your social media feed where you'd want to apply an antique "black and white" filter. Using the regular pencil for shading doesn’t produce a coloring effect but rather a hand drawing. That said, you'll want to use palettes of brown to create a more antiqued look on the coloring pages.

6Enjoy The Activity

Coloring is an activity just like any other. Do not overthink everything that you do; instead, make it more fun to do. The main idea is to enjoy every bit of it and bring joy back to your life. Adult coloring helps keep stress at bay.

Make it a habit to color whenever you feel like it and when you're free. The more you color, the better you'll get over time. Be sure to start coloring from the outside in – this way, you will be able to stay in the lines, hence producing something you can be proud of. Starting from the middle increases your error rate since you're more likely crossing the lines.

7Practice Your Technique

Learn to build up the color. Do not use too much pressure, or you'll break the tip of the crayons or coloring pencils. It is also worth noting that coloring is not a race but an activity that should be enjoyed. Remember the reason you chose to start coloring.

Most people will be satisfied with basic adult coloring. There might be times when you'll feel like you want to move past the basics. This is where you will want to start learning advanced coloring techniques to perfect the acquired interest.

Linda Shanklin

Linda Shanklin is a resident of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and is a proud mother of three. A trio of young children running around can cause havoc, but Linda found that coloring books are good at keeping them focused. She found that it works for adults, too!